Development Review Committee

Development Review Committee (DRC)

The purpose of the DRC is to:
The final CHCA position to be rendered to the City of Philadelphia on all zoning matters will be decided by the Board unless it, or its Executive Committee, as directed by CHCA bylaws, authorizes the DRC to submit the CHCA position to the City.

Chestnut Hill’s development review process welcomes applicants seeking informal review of development issues for compliance with Chestnut Hill design guidelines and formal Registered Community Organization (RCO) review of Licenses & Inspections Refusals and Special Exceptions that require Zoning Board of Adjustment hearings.

Information regarding the City of Philadelphia appeals process can be found here:                        
If you are notified by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission that your project requires review by RCOs in Chestnut Hill, please follow the City Zoning Code instructions regarding notification to RCOs and contact us to arrange your presentation. Information regarding the City of Philadelphia RCO notification process can be found here:            
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The Chestnut Hill Development Review Committee (DRC) meets at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at Chestnut Hill Hospital, 8835 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, 19118. To have the DRC review your project please contact us at least 10 days prior to this date to be placed on the meeting agenda. Click here for an application to begin the development review process: APPLICATION  additionally we provide a check list of needed documents: CHECKLIST 

The CHCA development review process provides opportunities for your application to be reviewed by professionals and community members alike, over the course of 3-5 regularly-scheduled meetings. These meetings include:


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