Welcome to Chestnut Hill!


The Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) is a membership organization and serves as a public forum for the residents and supporters of Chestnut Hill. This is the association through which community policy is discussed, and is the voice of the community to the city of Philadelphia regarding development, land use planning, and zoning issues. We also hold many cultural events throughout the year that bring residents together and opportunities to experience the charms of our community. The CHCA proudly serves 10,000+ area residents and the thousands more who visit Philadelphia's "Garden District."

The CHCA is dedicated to improving the quality of life and encouraging a sense of community in Chestnut Hill. 

The CHCA has 3 areas of focus:

1. Service - Particularly to our growing membership of 1,600 households
2. Advocacy - Provide a forum that allows residents and developers to meet and discuss imminent zoning and variance concerns
3. Community - We offer community events, including the longest running outdoor concert series in Philadelphia, an outdoor movie series, holiday parade, and more.

Chestnut Hill has remained a vital community since its annexation with the City more than 100 years ago. The CHCA was formed in 1947 to a core group of dedicated community members who had a vision to sustain and add to the unique qualities that make Chestnut Hill so special. 

The Chestnut Hill Local is an integral function of the CHCA; it acts as a forum for community discourse to, in part, “publish all responsible points of view on the various issues presented in The Forum” section of the Local.

The CHCA maintains a permanent endowment, the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, for the preservation of the beauty of the community and the quality of life for its members.