I Love Chestnut Hill
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The Chestnut Hill Community Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Pastorius Park Concert

Chestnut Hill Community Association Annual Appeal supports: Community activities such as the Pastorius Park Concert Series
Ah, summertime! Together with neighbors and friends we will soon be bringing our picnic dinners to Pastorius Park’s natural open-air amphitheater to enjoy a wonderful evening of high quality, professional music.  

Chestnut Hill Community Association Annual Appeal supports: Chestnut Hill Fire House 
In Chestnut Hill, we love our old buildings, but what to do when a classic building can no longer function as it was intended? This was the problem presented to Chestnut Hill in 2015 by the Philadelphia Fire Department. With changing technology, and larger fire trucks, our beloved Fire House was no longer viable. Thanks to the committed efforts of our Physical Division volunteers and partners, the Fire Department heard our concerns about losing this historic building and agreed that, rather than replacing it, they could add to it in a way that allows Chestnut Hill to stay safe and keep its beloved Fire House. The CHCA invested an enormous amount of time and effort, working with many excellent representatives of the Philadelphia Fire Department and the Chestnut Hill Conservancy, to arrive at an outstanding solution that will carry through to the 21st century. Challenges like this are exactly why the CHCA exists. Your support helps us make this important work possible