Land Use Planning and Zoning


Land Use Planning and Zoning (LUPZ)

LUPZ functions as a technical advisory committee of the Physical Division of the CHCA. LUPZ is composed of professionals in architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, law, real estate, finance, and related fields. LUPZ’s professional perspective and experience is intended to help provide the CHCA Board, Committees, related entities, and applicants with objective guidance and recommendations on:
A. Changes in land uses, buildings, plans, and zoning, and their impacts on near neighbors and the broader community;
B. The aesthetics and feasibility of proposed projects;
C. The general compliance of proposed projects with land use and design guidelines approved by or in association with the CHCA;
D. The consistency of proposed projects with “best practices” for comparable projects, and;
E.  The compliance of projects with Philadelphia Codes.

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