Chestnut Hill Community Holiday Parade

Chestnut Hill Community Holiday Parade, December 14, 2019

Due to Rain the Chestnut Hill Community Holiday Parade is Cancelled

A message from our Parade Chairperson, Brien Tilley:

Hello Parade Friends,
After careful consideration, we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s parade. Clearly, this is very disappointing to all involved. Although the weather forecast continues to improve, we did not want to turn such a positive, fun, uplifting community holiday celebration into a potentially stressful situation for our participants and spectators. In this regard, our many incredible bands have valuable instruments that could be damaged by rain. At the same time, we want all of our participants/spectators to always share in our parade fun that leads to incredible memories. Ultimately, we concluded that rain would negatively impact this experience.

Our spirit for a great parade will continue to grow. With your amazing support and energy, we look forward to making our 2020 parade the best ever!!!

Thanks again for your support and spirit!

Happy Holidays!