New Membership Boxes

Are you new to the area? Within your first 4 months of buying a home here, you will likely be seeing a CHCA staff or board member dropping off a box that looks like this:

This is a new Member Box. It is a combined effort of The CHCA, Chestnut Hill Hospital and Chestnut Hill Business District to bring you the best of this region. This COMPLIMENTARY box contains the following:
A. Wooden Mixing Spoon (Courtesy of The CHCA)
B. Warm Oven Mitt (Courtesy of The Business District)
C. A $10 gift card to use at ANY store in chestnut Hill
D. Parking Tokens/ Change Purse (Courtesy of The Chestnut Hill Business District)
E. Keepsake Sanitizer Wipes (Courtesy of THE NEST)
F. Welcome Guide
G. Chestnut Hill Directory
H. Copy of a recent LOCAL Paper
I. Discount card for Weavers Way Market (Germantown Avenue)
J. Discount card for Fairway Marketplace (Germantown Avenue)
K. Discount card for Shell Gs Station (Germantown Avenue)
**The box contains a membership application and you can also do an online membership

Email your name, address, phone number and email address to our office at, or visit us at the CHCA office located at 8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118, 2nd Floor.