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Representatives of nonprofits in our community that received 2015-2016 Chestnut Hill Community Fund Grant Allocations

The Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive Committee awarded $90,000 in grants to 28 non-profit and internal CHCA programs at an awards ceremony at the Center on the Hill on July 3. CHCA Vice President for Operations and also Co-Chair of the Fund Drive Committee Laura Lucas presented checks and spoke of the great services and programs these community leaders were bringing to our community as a result of the latest fund drive.

More than 40 years ago, several Chestnut Hill residents formed a charitable trust, known as the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, to raise money to support the programs of the Chestnut Hill Community Association and non-profits that work to improve Chestnut Hill in four major areas of focus: cultural, education, human services, and physical beautification.

Here’s a look at the grantees and what was funded:

  • 67th Season of CHCA Pastorius Park Concerts $15,000
  • Allens Lane Art Center summer camp $2,000
  • Chestnut Hill Book Festival and Speaker Series $1,000
  • CHCA Circle of Trees (Holiday Tree Lighting) $620
  • CHCA Outdoor Movie Night at the Water Tower (August 2015) $5,000
  • The Crossing Choir $2,000
  • Piffaro, The Renaissance Band $2,000
  • Tempesta di Mare $2,000
  • Northwestern Stables Fairmont Park Horse Show $1,000
  • Philadelphia Dance Theater Nutcracker Ballet $500
  • Fresh Artists art program at J.S. Jenks School $1,500
  • Airy Learning Tree $3,500
  • Center on the Hill senior music and arts program $1,000
  • Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment $12,500
  • CHCA Community Awards at Annual Members’ Dinner $1,920
  • Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels $3,000
  • Keystone Hospice $4,000
  • Northwest Victim Services (funded by CHCF Public Safety restricted fund) $1,000
  • Teenagers, Inc. $12,500
  • CHCA DRC and LUPZ $1,800
  • CHCA Volunteer Memorial Garden (in front of Children’s Place) $275
  • CH Garden District Fund beautification on Germantown Avenue $1,000
  • Friends of Children’s Park for J.S. Jenks playground maintenance $4,000
  • Friends of Wyndmoor Train Station for neighborhood garden $1,500
  • Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill Foundation for pergola restoration $4,000
  • The Stagecrafters public garden for the community $2,385
  • Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club construction of new storage facilities $3,000
  • Friends of J.S. Jenks for a new sign $1,000

Donations to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive are always appreciated. Make a donation online or mail a check to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, 8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

Photo caption: Bottom row (from left): Peggy Miller (Chestnut Hill Garden District Fund), Jane Toczek (The Stagecrafters), and Julie Byrne (Pastorius Park Concert Series). Middle row (from left): Laura Lucas (CHCA VP for Operations), Mary Zell (Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment), Melany Nelson (Northwest Victims Services), Kelly Kuwabara (Allens Lane Art Center), and Leslie Lefer (Center on the Hill). Top row (from left): Sandy Silbiger (Keystone Hospice), Katie Livingood (Friends of the Children’s Park), Pat Fisher (Northwest Victims Services), Joan Kimball (Piffaro), and Pat Harrington (Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels).

Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive Results Announced for 2014-2015

by Floramae McCarron and Laura Lucas, Fund Drive Co-Chairs

Year after year, our community’s generosity is evident in the results of our annual giving campaign. As we draw this campaign to a close, we’re happy to report that we have raised $92,101 from 525 donors for the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive. This money goes back into our community to support Chestnut Hill Community Association programs and non-profits who work to improve Chestnut Hill in four major areas of focus: cultural, education, human services, and physical beautification.

Some interesting news about this year’s fund drive:

• We were almost on pace with last year’s fund drive, which raised $92,621.

• 41 businesses and non-profits made donations to this campaign.

• Of the 525 donors, 49 of them are new donors to the Fund, and they donated $7,685.

• More than half of our new donors made their donations in March, our final fund drive month.

Many thanks are in order. Our thanks to the Chestnut Hill Hospital for their ongoing support and $10,000 donation to support the Pastorius Park Concerts. Thank you to Campbell’s Place, El Poquito, Iron Hill and McNally’s Tavern and to everyone who came out to support our Big Night Out in January. Thanks to Richard Snowden and Bowman Properties for donating the inventory and the generous use of the former Chestnut Hill Trading Company’s space for our wildly popular upscale yard sale in March. A big thank you to our Honorary Co-Chairs Gail and John Detweiler for hosting a cocktail reception party at their home and being very engaged in this campaign. We’d also like to recognize fellow Fund Drive & Grants Committee members Bob Rossman, Jean Hemphill, Tolis Vardakis, Susan Bray, Sam Loth and Paula Riley for their tireless dedication and commitment.

Among a range of projects and programs, grants from the recent fund drive will support Allens Lane Art Center, CH Book Festival and Speaker Series, CHCA Circle of Trees (Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration), CHCA Outdoor Movie Night (a new effort), CHCA Pastorius Park Concert Series, The Crossing Choir, Northwestern Stables for the Fairmont Park Show in May, Philadelphia Dance Theater, Piffaro The Renaissance Band, Tempesta di Mare, Fresh Artists for a Jenks art program, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, Center on the Hill, CH Center for Enrichment, CHCA Awards, CH Meals on Wheels, Keystone Hospice, Northwest Victim Services, Teenagers, Inc., CHCA DRC and LUPZ, CHCA Volunteer Memorial Garden, CH Garden District Fund, Friends of the Children’s Park in Chestnut Hill, Friends of the Wyndmoor Train Station, Rotary Club of CH Foundation restoration of the Pergola, The Stagecrafters community garden, CH Youth Sports Club (to construct new storage facilities), and Friends of J.S. Jenks. Participants will be notified of grant amounts after formal approval by the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Trustees.

Since the very first Fund Drive in 1973, a cumulative total of $2,316,892 has been raised for this community! We are grateful to our donors for their steadfast and generous support of not only the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive but to all the groups and programs that we support. The dollars we receive are critical in supporting culture, education, human services and the physical beautification projects our neighborhood. You help bring programming and experiences that educate, entertain and enrich the lives of area residents and visitors to the community. For that, we are most thankful to you.

Donations can be made to the Annual Fund Drive year round. If you would like to be one of the first to donate to next year’s drive, click on Contribute link. 

CONTRIBUTE to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund’s Annual Fund Drive. This drive supports the charitable initiatives and non-profit organizations that are an integral part of our community, the things we care about, and who are.

Letter from Honorary Chairs

Application and Application Guidelines, Slideshow of Past Recipients

List of our generous donors (from 11/15/14 to 3/31/15)

CHCF Events

One-Day Indoor Yard Sale Supports Annual Fund Drive

High End/Low Price Home Goods for One Day Sale, March 7th

On March 7, we raised $7,900 at our One Day Yard Sale, made possible through the generous donation of goods and venue by Richard Snowden and Bowman Properties. We appreciate everyone who came out to join us, and thank our volunteers for all of their help, including (left to right) Clare and Kelly who helped customers by packing their purchases!

We still have few sconces left and if you are interested please contact us by e-mail at, or call 215-248-8810 if you have questions.


Friends and Neighbors Enjoy 2nd Annual Big Night Out on January 28, 2015

Big Night Out 2015

Many good friends and neighbors joined our post-holiday celebration on the Hill at the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive’s Second Annual Big Night Out. Participating restaurants included Campbell PlaceIron Hill Brewery & RestaurantMcNally’s Tavern and El Porquito which all donated 20% of the food bill (not including alcoholic beverages, gratiuity and taxes) to the Fund Drive. And Artisians On The Avenue donated 15% of its sales that evening to the Annual Fund Drive. We thank everyone who came out on a beautiful winter evening, and we thank the restaurants for their generosity! 

Campbell’s Place, located at 8337 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

El Poquito, located at 8201 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

Iron Hill, located at 8400 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

McNally’s Tavern, located at 8634 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

Artisans on The Avenue, located at 8440 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118


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If you would like to apply for a Chestnut Hill Community Fund Grant download the application (as a pdf file or microsoft word document) and application guidelines. Please submit your application via email NO LATER than Monday, January 19, 2015. If you have any questions contact Noreen Spota at or call 215-248-8810.


Dear Friend of Chestnut Hill:

As you know, more than 40 years ago, several Chestnut Hill residents formed a charitable trust to raise money to support the programs of the Chestnut Hill Community Association and other organizations. This trust, known as the Community Fund, has conducted annual drives to raise funds for the upcoming year’s programs, including the Pastorius Park summer concerts, the Center for Enrichment, Teens Inc., Meals on Wheels, Keystone Hospice, and the planting and maintenance of various Germantown Avenue pocket parks and train stations. Other notable recipients have been the Friends of the Wissahickon, Chestnut Hill Historical Society, Chestnut Hill Youth Sports Club, Woodmere Art Museum, Friends of J.S. Jenks School, The Stagecrafters, and so many other organizations that make Chestnut Hill such an extraordinary place to live.

The programs supported by the Annual Fund Drive enhance the physical beauty, safety, and quality of life in our community. Most of these organizations were founded by and continue to serve us through the tremendous volunteer services of residents of Chestnut Hill and surrounding neighborhoods. This is an opportunity to contribute what you can and show how much you appreciate Chestnut Hill!

 We know that you’re being asked to contribute to many other worthwhile organizations, but these programs are important to our community and they need our continued support. The Annual Fund Drive proceeds are distributed in grants during 2015. All contributions to the Fund are tax-deductible.

Make a donation online, or mail a check to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, 8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118, Attention: Annual Fund Drive, and be a part of the spirit of giving this year like so many of your friends and neighbors!


Gail and John Detweiler
Honorary Chairs


We sincerely thank our generous contributors!

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